Golf Pro Tips from Blair O’Neal

Golf Pro Tips from Blair O’Neal

Here’s some Golf Pro Tips from Blair O’Neal

Blair O’Neal is a model and of course a Golf Professional based in the USA.  These may not be some of the best tips.  Of course it is not easy watching on YouTube and then translating to your game.  However, they are all useful and entertaining.

So the next time that you are on your Golf Breaks with your buddies, show them how much your Golf has improved just by watching Blair O’Neal Golf Pro Tips on YouTube.

Check out these amazing awesome Golf Pro Tips from Blair O’Neal

Golf Digest has put together a number of really useful Golf Pro Tips, tricks and shortcuts to take your game to the next level.  This is titled the sexiest shots in Golf and really does manage to deliver what it says on the tin.

The main Golf Pro Tip for any good amateur has to be the practise of getting your first drive off the box.  Surely this is the most nerve racking shot in golf.  Who wants to mess up your first shot when all of the club house is watching?

Enjoy watching Blair O’Neal putting the Golf Pro Tips into action.  And . . . don’t forget to enjoy your golf break with YorkshireCoastGolf.

Follow the link below to see some Great Golf Pro Tips –

Golfs Sexiest Shots




  • Good tips. Thanks for sharing.

    • Tim says:

      Blair O’Neal is a Great US Pro Golfer and tends to emphasise her movements to help with learning. And she is easy to watch also.

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