Ryder Cup Final Practice Day

Ryder Cup Final Practice Day

The Ryder Cup is finally upon us.

Final Practice in the Ryder Cup commenced

With the final practice round under way at Gleneagles, today is the last chance for Golf Widows to get their craft stuff together head off for a retreat.  The next three days will be wall to wall golf.

This is the first time in many years that The Ryder Cup has come to Scotland.  Will the excitement and thrills and spills of the Ryder Cup in the same time zone encourage more Great British people to take up the sport?

In recent years the game of Golf has had a bit of a slump but it is envisaged that a great performance by the European Team will boost its popularity.

The best way to enjoy golf is as a group.  As the team members of the European and USA Ryder Cup teams have been saying.  Golf is an individual sport but when you bring in the team aspect of the Ryder Cup it adds a new dimension.  More excitement, more tight matches and speculation of who will be playing with whom?

When we have a group here at Yorkshire Coast Golf for their golf break it is a regular occurrence for them to spend an evening in the bar doing three things.  Firstly of course – mulling over the shots that got away with a couple of pints of Smooth.  Secondly they will be adding up their scores for the day. Then deciding who will be losing shots the next day and who will be gaining shots on the stableford the next day.  Finally, they will sort out the matches for the following day – who will be playing whom for the honour of winning the team prize.

This weekend will be no exception apart from they will be doing it all sat round a large screen TV watching their favourite European Team Ryder Cup players hopefully beating Team USA.

Best thing to do for 2015, book your Yorkshire Coast Golf Break new to avoid disappointment.


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